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Scam email from kanzlei-varga.com

Scam email from kanzlei-varga.com


in the past weeks, we realised, that unknow persons registered domain kanzlei-varga.com in France. Emails from this domain (especialy contact@kanzlei-varga.com) are used as scam for deceptive business practice. In this email, the sender, Mr. Peter Kogler/ Mrs. Patricia Kogler,  pretends to not locate the fund, the recipient has supposedly sent and ask for verification. Also calls Mr. Kogler and Mrs. Kogler in the name of Anwaltskanzlei Varga foreign people.

All these emails are scam emails and calls are fraudulent. Please do not answer to this emails. These emails are not from our firm based in Germany. The scam emails come from the domain kanzlei-varga.com, which is not identical with the original one kanzlei-varga.de. Mr. Peter Kogler and Patricia Kogler is not existent, at least they are not employee of our law firm and are not entitled to act for us. Even the emails (sender: contact@kanzlei-varga.com) looks serious with logo etc, they have been sent from different domain and not our email-address and have no connection to your law firm.

We hereby distance us from the above mentioned emails and fraudulent statements.

The french phone desk +41-(0)225-186770 is unknow to us. We dont hold any french desk or office in France. We are germany based and germany focused law firm. We dont act in France or french-speaking countries. We dont send emails in french.

If you received any above mentioned email from contact@kanzlei-varga.com and Mr. Peter Kogler/Mrs. Kogler, please contact the administrator of the domain at abuse@namebay.com and please report any scam email and make report of any fraudulent call to the public authority.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards

Anwaltskanzlei Varga